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The Natural Look That Mother Earth Was So Kind To Give Us.

Our NaturEx marble textures on UNIMATE

The 3rd Millennium surface treatment for plastic and other materials in a wide range of wood grain, burl, sand, and marble patterns.

Now it is possible to change the appearance of your plastic products to give you that special edge over your competitors.

NATUREX is a new technology based on multi facet pattern design transfer.

Let us treat your plastic housing before you assemble your products.Better still, we can produce your plastic housing using our own plastic injection mould machine (left) and treat it with NATUREX in your selected colour and design.

We can also produce the injection mould for your product at much lower cost than you are currently paying.

Give us you drawing and we will give you an estimate. Our tooling department produced all the moulds and dyes used in UNIMATE, VALU$AFE, and our other products.

Once treated, the NATUREX design and colours are permanently sealed by a special catalitic lacquer that will not rub off.

We are applying the NATUREX treatment on our UNIMATE and VALU$AFE plastic housing.

Click this image for an enlarged view of NATUREX on a VALU$SAFE.